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This page highlights the policy on cookies used by the company TREVI COLLECTION SRL as owner of the processing put in place for the users consulting the website, and more generally for the persons involved in the processing who interact with our company in various ways.

This information is provided pursuant to Directive 2009/136/EC of 25 November 2009 and the General Provision of the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data « Identification of simplified procedures for the provision of information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies » of 8 May 2014 addressed to those who interact with the web services of the Hotel TREVI COLLECTION accessible electronically from the address:

The information applies only to the website of the hotel TREVI COLLECTION and not to other websites that may be consulted by the user through links. It does not apply to the booking platform managed by third parties, for which we have drafted a dedicated cookie policy.

This Cookie Policy is an integral part of the Privacy Policy of the hotel website.

For the purposes of simplification and greater transparency, in compliance with the principles set out in Article 5 of EU Regulation 2016/679, this policy contains two specific sections dedicated, respectively, to the cookies present on the main website and those present on the synxis booking platform integrated into the website of the sub-manager Sabre GLBL, Inc.


Definitions and characteristics of cookies

Cookies are small text files that can be used by websites to make the browsing experience more efficient for the user.

Cookies store and transmit information from your first visit and then re-transmit updated information on subsequent visits in order to optimise your browsing experience by remembering your actions and preferences (e.g. your language choice, display settings, login details, etc.) so that you do not have to set them on subsequent visits.

There are different types of cookies that, depending on their characteristics and functions, may persist on your device for a predetermined period of time (which can last up to years) and are called persistent cookies, while there are cookies that are automatically deleted when you close your browser, so-called session cookies.

These technologies therefore involve the processing of personal data and as such are subject to the relevant mandatory legislation.

In line with Applicable law, we do not need to ask your consent for the use of cookies that are strictly necessary for the proper functioning and operation of the website (called technical cookies) and for cookies for statistical purposes (called analytical cookies) in aggregate, and therefore anonymous, form, while we require your explicit consent for the use of first and third party profiling cookies that create profiles to send you advertisements in line with the preferences you have expressed while browsing our website.

Types of cookies used on this site

Technical cookies

These cookies are technical in nature and allow the site to function correctly. This category includes cookies that are essential to the proper functioning of the website and functional cookies that enable the user to enhance the browsing experience based on the choices he or she has made (e.g. choice of language, etc.).

We also use technical cookies to keep track, in accordance with current legislation, of the consents given by users to receive third-party profiling and analytics cookies.

The use of permanent technical cookies or session cookies (i.e. which are not permanently stored on the user’s computer and are deleted when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the technical provision of the service requested by the user and the transmission of session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) necessary to enable the safe and efficient exploration of the site and its applications.

The technical cookies used on this site avoid the use of other computer techniques that could potentially compromise the confidentiality of users’ browsing.

Analytical cookies

These cookies help us to understand, through data collected in an anonymous and aggregate form, how users interact with our website by providing us with information relating to the pages visited, the time spent on the site, the type of platform used, the number of clicks on a given page, any malfunctions, etc..

Statistical cookies help website owners understand how visitors interact with the sites by collecting and transmitting information in an anonymous form.

We use Google Analytics to anonymously collect and analyse information about website usage behaviour for statistical purposes without collecting personally identifiable information about you. The way we use these cookies is similar to technical cookies, so no explicit consent is required.

Profiling cookies

We use third-party profiling cookies to record and report on your actions on the site in order to measure the effectiveness of an advertisement and present targeted advertising to you.

In particular, we remarket, which means that every time a new visitor accesses our site, the code issues a persistent anonymous cookie to the browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.). Then when the visitor tracked by the remarketing cookie surfs the web, the cookie allows the remarketing provider to serve ads to promote our services, ensuring that these ads are only shown to people who have already visited your site.

The intent is to display ads that are relevant and engaging to the individual user in line with their previous browsing experience so that they ‘follow’ you even after they have left our website.


List of Cookies used on this website


Cookie Name Typology / Purpose Expiry date Eventuale Link alla Privacy Policy della terza parte
First-party technical cookies FIRST-PARTY TECHNICAL COOKIES

First party technical cookies instrumental and essential to the proper functioning of the website.

In line with European cookie legislation we use a technical cookie to keep track of your consent to accept the use of third party and profiling cookies.

At the end of the browsing session

Google Analytics is a Google analysis tool that helps website owners understand how visitors interact with the content of their website (pages visited, time spent browsing, etc.) by providing useful statistics aimed at optimising and improving website navigation without identifying the surfer.

We use this cookie for the sole purpose of collecting information in aggregate and anonymous form on the number of users and how they visit the site.

We use this cookie anonymously by anonymising the user’s IP address and do not cross-reference this information with third parties.

_utma – 2 years

_utmt – 10 minuti

_utmb – 30 minuti

_utmc – sino alla chiusura della sessione

_utmz – 6 months

_utmv – 2 years

Privacy Policy di Google Analytics


Google Tag Manager is a technology that allows you to add or remove tags for traffic analysis and marketing optimisation.

Tags are small portions of website code that allow you to analyse traffic and visitor behaviour, check the effectiveness of online advertising and social channels, use remarketing and audience targeting, and test and optimise your website.

_dc_gtm_UA – At the end of the session

Google stores a cookie on the user’s terminal that records the visit made in order to show the user in the future (e.g. by means of banners) ads for related products, through the search engine and/or the network of third-party publishers affiliated to Google Inc.

ads/ga – At the end of the session

collect – At the end of the session


Facebook Connect allows users who are already registered with Facebook to log in to the site without being asked for the login credentials they entered during registration.

tr – At the end of the session

fr – 3 months

c_user – 3 months

datr – 2 years

fr – 3 months

sb – 3 months

sb – 2 years

xs- 3 months


How can I disable cookies

For more information on cookies and to manage your preferences for third party profiling cookies please visit

Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can also choose not to accept them or limit their use.

Disabling cookies may result in problems navigating the website or limitation of the use of all website services (e.g. booking, etc.). To remove cookies, please follow the instructions on the relevant pages of your browser:


– If you use Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, click on « Tools » then « Internet Options ». On the Privacy tab, move the slider up to block all cookies or down to allow all cookies, and then click OK.

– If you are using the Firefox browser

Go to the « Tools » menu of your browser and select the « Options » menu Click on the « Privacy » tab, uncheck the « Accept cookies » box and click OK.

– If you are using the Safari browser

From the Safari Browser select the « Edit » menu and select « Preferences ». Click on « Privacy ». Place the setting « cookie block » always « and click OK.

– If you are using the Google Chrome browser

Click on the Chrome menu in the browser toolbar. Select « Settings ». Click on « Show advanced settings ». In the « Privacy » section, click on the « Content settings » button. In the « Cookies » section, select « Do not allow sites to store data » and control « block cookies and third-party site data », and then click OK. If you use any other browser, look in your browser’s settings for how to manage cookies.

See www.allaboutcookies.orgper for simple instructions on how to manage cookies on different browsers.

Most advertising networks offer you a way to disable advertising cookies.

See and www.youronlinechoices.comper for useful information on how to do this.

Update and Revision

The cookie policy was updated on 30-12-2021 to revision 2 and may be subject to future revisions.

Sabre: YX 148299
Amadeus: YX ROMTCO
Galileo/Apollo: YX AS274
Worldspan: YX ROMTC
Pegasus ID for the IDS (Internet Distribution Channels) is: GL; 11031

Sabre: YX 148299
Amadeus: YX ROMTCO
Galileo/Apollo: YX AS274
Worldspan: YX ROMTC
Pegasus ID for the IDS (Internet Distribution Channels) is: GL; 11031

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